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We Build 3d Apps

We develop custom app solutions for your challenging real world problems.  We are positioned at the intersection of 3d apps and refreshing new design.

With expertise in web and mobile 3d, XR/IoT, AR (Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality) apps.

AR Apps

We develop custom AR solutions for clients, including GPS enabled AR apps (real world location overlays).  We utilize the current best of class ARKit / ARCore technology.

VR & XR Apps

We develop special 3d apps for VR & XR applications, including an on-ride VR Rollercoaster app system.

XR is extended reality: virtual reality with even more connectedness to reality.


3d Web Apps

We develop web apps with integrated 3d elements.  We see industry adoption moving toward ubiquitous web based rendering and away from native apps.  (WebGL, WebGPU 2022)

3d App Integrations

We design special 3d integrations for existing 2d apps.


3d Graphic Engines

Years in Business

Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Advance 3d Apps for a More Sustainable Future.

We think that just as the web and later the mobile web improved our systems; We think that a new wave of 3d apps will create a better understanding of our 3d world and advance a more sustainable future.

Our Track Record

Apps developed by optml.io

We have a solid track record developing apps for 3d/AR/VR/XR applications according to our estimated timelines, and to a high level of quality.

Developed apps include Augmented Reality apps, Virtual Reality apps, mobile apps, and web apps.  These include apps with dynamically updated features and server business data components.

Client spaces have included Architecture, Real Estate, Attractions, Products, Weather, Animation, and Marketing.

See more in the Highlight Reel:

- An on-ride VR Rollercoaster app (in concert with Frontier City Theme Park).

- A 3d Home Builder home customization app.

- Weather app development (RainAware featured on NBC TODAY in 2017)


Isometric View (3d Home Builder App)


Meet The Team


Lead Software Engineer

Lucas has been involved with game development, app development, shader algorithm engineering, web SaaS app development, and most recently AR & VR apps.

Lucas has over a 15 years of software engineering experience and can take your projects from concept to reality.


optml bot


We’ll keep in constant contact via our client portal and communication bot emails.  Expect weekly updates and new app builds on a frequent basis.

Design Partners


Design partners can augment our team, but the initial design will be guaranteed for production use from the start using a library of design assets.

Start Today

Start by booking a 3d app design session, for a design report & timeline estimate.

From there, select a plan for an app or app feature.

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