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We’ll guide you through the process and design for your concept, and present options for an app development engagement.

Our Track Record

Apps developed by

We have a solid track record developing apps for 3d/AR/VR applications according to our estimated timelines, and to a high level of quality.

Developed apps include Augmented Reality apps, Virtual Reality apps, mobile apps, and web apps.  These include apps with dynamically updated features and server business data components.

Client spaces have included Architecture, Real Estate, Attractions, Products, Weather, Animation, and Marketing.

See more in the Highlight Reel:

– An on-ride VR Rollercoaster app (in concert with Frontier City Theme Park).

– A 3d Home Builder home customization app for pre-sale visualization.

– Weather app development (RainAware featured on NBC TODAY in 2017)


The Start Design Session

Our Process

Stage 1 - Session

We meet with you to develop a timeline for your app concept. 

After the design session you’ll receive a week-estimate and design report, along with our available engagement options for getting your app concept off the ground.

Stage 2 - Design

We start with a proof of concept for any complex features of your app.  

You’ll sign off on the design concept and engagement, and we’ll get started on the complete app.

Stage 3 - Develop

We’ll complete your app according to the timeline, and recommend features that could improve your app’s ROI.  

You’ll receive weekly progress updates, and monthly direction meetings.

Stage 4 - Launch

We’ll launch your app and give you marketing plan options. 

We offer marketing and development boosts to meet your post-launch requirements.  You’ll pay a small fee for app hosting & app upkeep monthly if server components are required.

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